About Laura

My name is Laura Welborn. I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and also went to college in NC where I met my husband. In October 2012 we moved from Virginia to Kaiserslautern, Germany. I live here with my husband, two cats (Mingus and O’Malley), and my son who was born in April 2016. I am looking forward to our next adventure living at Fort Drum, New York!

Random facts:
I start every day with coffee, bacon, and eggs.
I am a bit of a homebody.
Colors inspire me, and so do vast landscapes like mountain ranges and cityscapes.
I love to travel.
Bluegrass music has a special place in my heart, being from NC.
I am generally a very contented person. I’m friendly and I like to smile and laugh!
My favorite movie of all time is West Side Story.
I play the viola, in fact, I have a Master’s degree in it.
My creative outlets of choice are music, photography, and knitting (not necessarily in that order)

Laura Welborn- Kaiserslautern Germanyphoto credit: English Anderson


While I enjoy taking photos of our travels here in Germany, my heart lies in taking pictures of people. I love to capture the emotion in someone’s eyes, to observe and show relationships between people, and finding beautiful light and locations in which to preserve special moments in time. My first introduction to photography was through the two years of photography classes that I took in high school. It was a hobby of mine that I fell out of in college because of costs. Years later, after purchasing a digital SLR, the fire was rekindled and I have been taking photos ever since. I opened Laura Karoline Photography shortly after moving to Germany in October 2012. I love to create things, and creating beautiful images is a strong passion of mine. Contact me today to create some beautiful images with me!