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Hello everyone! Please excuse the mess… I’m in the process of getting my NEW blog and website in order 🙂

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog… time to catch up!

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A Business Milestone and Why Prints are Important

Yesterday marked a little business milestone of sorts- I picked up my first retouched print purchase from the printer yesterday to mail to a client. They turned out beautiful- so vibrant. They are leaps and bounds above what you would get at a photo counter.

A lot of people don’t see the value in purchasing prints from their photoshoot. After all, your friends can view them on facebook, right?? As a person who has photos allllll over her house, I am here to tell you that printing your photos is invaluable! While it is nice to have a pretty facebook profile picture or cover photo, there is nothing quite like waking up and seeing a photo of someone special to you by your bedside. Prints are long-lasting reminders of special moments with special people. You feel surrounded by those you love even if they are not always with you. For that very reason, they also make wonderful gifts to those who are close to you.

Don’t underestimate the value of getting the images from your photo session printed and framed. You will get the most out of your photo session if you consider this as part of the overall process 🙂
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Mini Sessions in Charlotte and Greensboro, NC

Announcing my end-of-Summer Mini Sessions in NC! Hubby and I will be traveling through NC towards the end of September, saying our goodbyes to friends and family before we move to GERMANY at the beginning of October!! $60 gets you 30 minutes of shooting time, a CD with 15 images (3 of them retouched), an 8×10 print of your choice, and access to an online client proofing site where you can order retouched prints. Perfect for headshots, family photos, baby shots, senior portraits.
Contact Laura if you want a slot!

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Dress to Impress for your Photo Session: Dos and Don’ts

A lot of people ask me about what they should wear for their photography shoots. I’m glad they do, because it really is quite important to getting amazing photographs. If you’re unsure how to dress for your photos, here is a list of Dos and Don’ts to think about when you are deciding what to wear for your photo session!

  • Firstly, DO think about your clothing choices! It makes a big difference in the overall effect of the photograph.
  • DO dress like yourself. You don’t want to look like another person in your photos, and you want your clothing style to reflect your personality.
  • DO dress comfortably, especially if it is an informal shoot. If you don’t feel comfortable and confident in your clothes, it will come through in your photos.
  • DON’T be afraid of patterns! But DO pair them with solids.
Baby’s red plaid + brother’s solid black pairs together perfectly here.


  • DON’T forget about your shoes! They will make an appearance, so make sure they match your clothes.
  • DO be colorful. Vibrant colors look great in photographs- DON’T feel like you need to just stick with black and white and denim.
These bright orange accents really pop! Imagine if this dress was plain white.
  • DO think about your location. If you are taking photos where there is a lot of green grass and green trees and green bushes, you might not want to wear lots of green!
  • DO put thought into your accessories. Fashionable necklaces, headbands, earrings, and/or bracelets really add a little somthin’-somethin’ to your overall image. Scarves (solid or print!) can add a splash of color to your photos. In warm weather, silk scarves look great.
Check out that splash of red! What a difference it makes!
  • Ladies! DO pay attention to the neckline of your shirt and where your bra-straps are. You don’t want to constantly be adjusting yourself- and an awesome (G-rated) candid shot is much more likely if your girls are contained! 🙂
  • DO coordinate with your partner/family members, but DON’T be too matchy-matchy. You are each your own person, let that shine through in your clothing choices!
These two lovely ladies are wearing the same colors- black, white, denim- but the outfits are still different enough that they aren’t clones of one another! Also, the patterns really make the contrast between the black and white pop.

  • DON’T be afraid to purchase new clothing and accessories for your photoshoot. Head to the mall! You will feel confident and fashionable in your new clothes, which will show in your photos, and it gives you the opportunity to really find coordinating clothing for everyone. Remember, anything you can do that helps improve the final image and your overall satisfaction is WORTH IT (plus, you’ll get a snazzy new outfit out of it)!

Do you have more suggestions for picking out clothing for a photoshoot? Comment with them below!

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