Newborn Safety

Newborn safety is a big topic in this industry, and understandably so! Your baby’s safety is my number one concern- NO photograph is worth any risk of him/her getting hurt. I take several measures to ensure that your little one is content and is never put in a compromising position. Here are a few of the safety measures that I take during newborn sessions:

  • The room is kept very, very warm (approximately 89 degrees F) to ensure that baby does not become cold while undressed. At such a young age, newborns’ bodies are unable to regulate temperature correctly, so I constantly am feeling and watching their skin for signs that they are either too cold or too hot, and adjust the room temperature accordingly.
  • A newborn posing beanbag is used for posed shots. It is very large and has a cushy surface, so even if baby startles during a shot, he/she is completely safe.
  • With any prop photo (basket, bucket, etc), a parent will either be within arm’s length of the baby or have a hand on the baby at all times (depending on the pose).
  • All props are weighed down with weights for stability.
  • I will read your baby’s cues. Not all poses work for every baby, and I will never force a baby into a pose!
  • All fabrics are washed in between uses, even if they have not  been soiled by baby.
  • All fabrics are soft. I do not use anything rough that may irritate baby’s skin.

My goal is to capture images of your baby in which he/she looks naturally cozy and content. I tend to avoid time-consuming and tricky composite photographs, because they do not fit my style of organic and emotive portraiture.


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